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Manrax AB is a knowledge and consulting company assisting in matters concerning development of a long-term sustainable society.

We have competence especially in biology, laws and restrictions, measuring technology and statistics. Assignments we can take can concern conservation, management, adapted buildings and sustainable use. Examples of services are Environmental Quality Management Plans, Environmental Assessments, Landscape Ecology, Permissions according to miljöbalken, GIS analysis and Remote sensing.

Welcome with questions or commissions!

Robert Axelsson











Contact information:

Manrax AB

Robert Axelson

Schelinska gatan 4

SE-732 32 Arboga


Tel:+46 589 894 68

Fax:+1 240 332 8634

Mail: axelsson@manrax.com

Representative in Göteborg:

Tel. 031-713 21 25

Mob. 0732-54 22 50